Commitment to Anti-Poaching

1215 rhinos were poached in 2014, with 1004 rhinos in 2013. There was a dramatic increase in elephant poaching in 2014 and with the continuous brutal tactic of snare poaching that still persists. KNP Tours have elected to support the Conservation Services Unit of the SANParks Honorary Rangers to help them and the SANParks Rangers in their plight against poaching. This unit supplies amongst other things the necessary equipment and training for the rangers to do their work. This includes the supply of back packs, tents, GPS units, night vision equipment, binoculars, radios and riffle mounted night vision equipment for engagements. 

Owing to the fact that they are a volunteer organisation, they have low overhead costs and the unit is funded by their own money. This means that every cent of your donation will reach the intended counter poaching projects. 


Furthermore, they are one of a handful of organisations with a proven track record in conservation with a financial control system which can guarantee that the funds donated by their supporters actually reach the problem area to make a meaningful difference. 

For more information on how to donate please email us on

Thank you for assisting KNP Tours in helping the Counter Poaching Unit of the SANParks Honorary Rangers in trying to end this devastation.


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